Photo retouching services:


Photo retouching services:

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White balance correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencesuccesssuccesssuccess
Detailed color/expo correctionnonosuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Background replacementnonosuccess
Clipping pathnosuccesssuccess
Horizon alignmentsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light shape correction (general)nosuccesssuccess
Detailed shape correctionnosuccesssuccess
Esthetic shaping of face and figurenosuccesssuccess
Light skin retouch (pimples, spots)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
Light retouch of make-up, nailsnosuccesssuccess
Colorcorrection: preserving of the real product colorsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light shape correction (general)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed shape correctionnonosuccess
Fitting clothes to figurenosuccesssuccess
Retouch of creases, linesnonosuccess
shortening/lengthening of the productnonosuccess
cropping and saving under the given sizessuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Background replacementnonosuccess
Clipping pathnosuccesssuccess
Horizon alignmentsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light skin retouch (pimples, spots)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
HI-END skin retouchnonosuccess
Retouch of make-up, nailsnosuccesssuccess
Retailed retouch and drawing of make-upnonosuccess
Teeth: whitening, shape correctionnosuccesssuccess
Hair-style correctionnosuccesssuccess
Drawing and adding volume to hairnonosuccess
Clipping pathsuccesssuccesssuccess
Invisible mannequinsuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundsuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning of the objectssuccesssuccesssuccess
Adding missing parts of an objectnosuccesssuccess
Retouch of glares and shadowssuccesssuccesssuccess
Photo merging, collagesnonosuccess
White balance correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencesuccesssuccesssuccess
Photo merging, collagesnonosuccess
Retouch of glares and shadowsnosuccesssuccess
Adding missing parts of an objectnosuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Cleaning of the objectsnosuccesssuccess
White balance correction nosuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionnosuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencenosuccesssuccess
Detailed color/expo correctionnosuccesssuccess
Photo restoration, colorizationnonosuccess
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This service may fit you when you need basic adjustments: cropping, correcting color and exposure, and basic skin cleaning (removing redness). Mini is good to save your time and money. Choose this service set if you have multiple photos of the same type: the same location, the same scene, the same light conditions or the same surroundings. Also, this service is good if you are an amateur or a beginner in Street Photography, Travel Photography, and Architecture Photography.


This set includes Mini's options plus Toning, making Beauty face, Teeth Correction, fixing closed eyes and more. Order this service set if you need deeper portrait retouching, creating look books, editing group shots and creating eye-catching pictures for blogs, Instagram and Pinterest.


All-inclusive service set for deepest editing and retouching photo works. It includes all options from Mini and Midi and supplemented by liquifying and rejuvenating effect, removing/adding persons and objects, changing background drastically, changing the object's color and texture. This service set is highly in-demand in fashion photography, product photography, architecture and interior photography, abstract photography, commercial photography, food photography, and fine art photography.

Easy retouch for your snapshots
within 48 hours
staff of
retouch designers
levels of photo
Our big team knows all the hotkeys by heart. Therefore, you will see your improved photos even today or no later than tomorrow. Entrust your best shots to a professional retouch artist. And we will manually do your photos just a bit more perfect. MINI processing for easy tasks. For tasks, which are more difficult, choose MIDI retouch or MAXI photo editing. All our stuff sign the treaty on the non-disclosure of any private information. The original photos and retouch versions will be deleted from our server after 30 days.

Let's make the pictures the way you want them to be!

Photza is your personal retouch artist who will make your successful images maximally expressive and bright – exactly as you need them to be.

Are you a photographer who needs perfect retouching to highlight your artistic idea as much as possible? Our retouchers delicately feel and understand the needs of each photographer; they will exactly copy your style. Save your time and budget with our experienced retouch artists.

If you are not a photographer and you need nice snapshots for social media, blogs, or sites, follow us. We will help you to save the perfect moments of your life in photos, feel your beauty, save the sunny day with children or show your friends shots that are better than some celebrities’.

Send a photo for processing just in a few clicks. Choose the level of retouching then add a comment or a request. Pay easily via your favorite payment system or a card, and you will get your professionally retouched photos within 48 hours.

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Why choose Photza retouching services?

Our company has been providing photo editing services for over 5 years. At that time, we have had over 3,000 satisfied amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.

Our studio has evolved from humble beginnings. We started out small studio, offering portrait retouching services, and now we have a staff of more than 20 professional retouchers working on everything from selfies to high-end fashion shots and everything in between.

To achieve the best results for our customers, we have developed four teams, each with expertise in a different area. Each team has its own team leader and manager.

The four teams are divided based on the following areas of expertise:

This means beautiful and clean skin, correctly traced chiaroscuro; perfect hairstyle, and make-up. WE can draw hair for more volume, remove excess hairs, and add beautiful make-up. If necessary, we will liquefy or even replace the parts of the face or body. We know when to use the frequency separation method and when to dodge & burn.

We love helping you preserve your precious memories for future generations. Restoring photos and the moments they capture is one of our favorite jobs. We eliminate scratches and dust, add missing parts and colorize black and white photos.

Product retouching

Make your products stand out and look even more appealing to attract your customers and increase conversion. We edit photos for amazon, e-commerce, and social media. We can easily change the background and the color of the object; skillfully perform retouching of metal, glass, and plastic surfaces.

This team will literally make your photos pop, using the vivid style made famous by Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol. It is a great gift to a friend and looks perfect as a painting on the wall of your office or home. Give it a try!

Photza - your personal online photo editing studio

Photo processing is our passion and life. Here we can do everything. We can easily adapt to copy the style of the photographer; each photographer will be assigned a personal retoucher and manager with whom you will definitely become friends. All photos will be edited in the same style and manner, you don’t need to explain what you want every time. Just send your photos online on the website of our studio and after a while, you will receive pictures exactly as you wanted. We save your time and money; meanwhile you can do what you love, and what brings income - photography.

Here’s what happens when you place an order on our site:

  1. The order is processed by the duty manager, who evaluates your photos and allocates the most appropriate team to the project.
  2. After analyzing your photos and instructions, the manager plans the project and contacts you to clarify any necessary details.
  3. The project is handed over to the most fitting team leader and then to retouchers.
  4. Once the photos have been retouched, they go through two stages of proofing - first by the team leader then the manager - to make sure that they are of the highest quality, and that they meet the customer’s requests.
  5. Only after everything has been checked and rechecked we will deliver finished, professionally retouched photos.

Privacy and confidentiality in the studio

We enforce the strictest controls, not only of the quality of our work but also of the privacy of our customers. All of our employees sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements and are subject to close supervision and confidentiality training.

Natural retouching

One of the most popular styles of retouching, which has very much come back into fashion, is natural retouching. Many websites, graphics and logos are being made as simple and as natural as possible.

In line with this trend, people are moving away from saturated colors and unnatural beauty, making natural retouching very sought after.

At PhotoRetouchingServices.NET, we’re across all the latest styles and trends and our photo retouching services are the best in the business. With over 5 years of experience, you can feel confident that you can take any photo in any style, and our retouching will look natural and authentic.

Benefits of a retouching service over an app

The photo retouching service, where professionals work on image processing, has a number of advantages over mobile applications for self-retouching.

Professional perspective

Professional retouchers, just like artists, know exactly where a shadow should go and how the light should fall. They understand the human anatomy and are very familiar with the rules of composition and perspectives. A professional retoucher knows exactly what to emphasize and what to hide to make a photo look as good and as natural as possible.

Professional execution

Professional retouchers have many techniques at their disposal - on average, most retouchers know at least 10 different ways just to retouch skin. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages - one might be suitable for one photo, and another for another. With all of these possible effects, techniques and combinations of the two, it takes an experienced professional to know which combination of techniques to apply for the best result.

Faster turnaround

It takes years of study and practice to become a professional retoucher. If you need to retouch 10 photos, sure, you could try to figure out how to do it yourself, then practice, learn and experiment. Or you could turn to a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing and will do it much faster. You wouldn’t try to repair your gearbox yourself, would you?

Better value

Sure, the cost of getting 10 photos retouched will be higher than the cost of a subscription to a do-it-yourself app, but what about the results? Getting your photos professionally retouched will make them look like a million bucks!

Why a photographer shouldn’t retouch their own photos

In whatever genre of photography you work in, we will make your photos even better. After all, you do not do the makeup yourself, but entrust this to specialists; you are not taking a photo on iPhone 6, but using professional cameras and lighting. Therefore, retouching should be done by specialists using professional equipment.

If you are a photographer, there are many more benefits to you:

  • Save time. It takes a lot of time to process photos. By outsourcing photo retouching, you save not only your time but also a satisfied client will receive finished photos earlier;
  • Save money. You can spend the free time working with new clients and conduct a new photo session instead of retouching pictures from the previous shooting.

A useful tip - send photos for retouching in RAW format (.cr2, .orf, .nef etc). RAW files store more information about the image, so the retouching of these photos will be of higher quality compared to JPG.

Guaranteed results

Our photo retouching studio guarantees the best results. We will do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with your photos and if you’re not, send them back and we’ll re-process them for free. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing for us, so we will do anything and everything to make you happy.

How long does it take?

Retouching photos is no different from anything else. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes not so quick. Depending on the quality of the photo and what the customer wants to do with it, we could spend 30 minutes retouching a photo or we could spend two hours.

The processing time depends on:

  • the quality of the original photo (resolution, sharpness, lighting, color)
  • the composition - sure, you could correct head tilt a little or hange the background, but if there are too many things obstructing the subject in the foreground, then no amount of magic will help
  • the number of people in the photo and their distance/scale - it’s completely different retouching of a person far on the horizon of the shot compared with a close-up portrait editing where you work on every individual pixel. And yes, there have been cases where we’ve spent up to 10 hours on one photo!

Therefore, some photos can be processed in 15 minutes, others in 5 hours. On our blog, you can watch a two-minute time-lapse video of a 6-hour retouching project on a single photo.