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Product photo editing services

Mini level

Only $3 per photo
    Product photo editing services includes:
  • White balance correction
  • Exposure correction
  • Sharpening
  • Clipping path (simple products)
  • Invisible mannequin
  • Cleaning, extending the background
  • Cleaning of the surfaces

Midi level

Only $9 per photo
    Product photo editing services includes:
  • All Mini corrections
  • Clipping path (complicated products)
  • Adding missing parts of an object
  • Retouch of glares and shadows

Maxi level

Only $15 per photo
    Product photo editing services includes:
  • All Midi corrections
  • Photo merging, collages
Save up to 30% with special packages today
Save up to 30%
with special
packages today

We are Photza, a photo retouching studio, offering product photo editing services to our clients. We provide our customers with one of the best services. The cost for editing photos is $3, $9, and $15 per photo. This is the most reasonable price on the market for eCommerce product photo editing.

Our team consists of skilled in-house retouchers with over 10 years of experience. Our studio uses only professional calibrated IPS monitors. Studio retouchers work with the following digital tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and CaptureOne.

Get the best product photo editing for your eCommerce business with Photza

Creating product photos is a large aspect of post-processing. Beginning with simple background removal and ending with retouching to make the final photographs even more spectacular. Straighten the outline, clean up any dust and scratches, adjust the lighting, and rebuild any damaged portions. Product images may be as precisely adjusted as you wish. Despite this, the modifications are often extremely difficult. They provide aesthetic consistency throughout time, which leads to increased client attention.

Whether the product photographs are intended for use in a magazine, publishing, or a website. First impressions are crucial, which is why our product photo editing service is critical for your company and a much-appreciated additional value.

The Photza team consists of expert retouchers for whom there is no small or big job. We always listen carefully to our clients and do everything to ensure that they are satisfied with the end result. We understand that how well we retouch your photos depends on how well your business will work. Therefore, we make every effort in each project.

We have experience in product photography and product photo editing for Amazon and eBay. Working with such large corporations, we have gained a lot of experience and skills that we are ready to apply when working on projects for your company. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the result.

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Our services

The Photza team is ready to offer you a wide range of eCommerce product photo editing services. Our retouchers use advanced technologies and tools such as Photoshop to edit product photos. In addition, our company makes sure that each employee improves their knowledge and skills in the field of retouching by attending various events dedicated to this topic.

Here are some of the product photo retouching services we can provide you with:

The Photza team can perform product photo of any complexity. We are ready to perform both the usual simple retouching and complex redrawing of individual objects in the photo. Our team retouches objects with complex highlights and reflections (for example, glossy plastic, metal, and glass). Our team also performs all kinds of background editing.

Edit your product photos with the latest technologies and tools

If you want your company or business to increase income and get more customers every day, you should pay special attention to the editing of your photos. If you look at sites like Amazon, eBay, or Apple, you will see how well and professionally retouched their photos are.

In order for your website, for example, to be filled with high-quality photos, you need to edit them using advanced tools and methods. Our team uses advanced practices and tools to achieve excellent results. For us, in fact, nothing is impossible.

If you are not sure what exactly you need to change in the photo, you can contact us for advice. Our retouchers will evaluate your images and tell you exactly what needs to be changed to make photos look professional and suitable, for example, for your online store.

We understand how difficult it is sometimes not being a professional photographer to select and edit images for your business. Feel free to contact us for advice, and we hope that we can achieve your goals together.

Why should you choose Photza?

Product photo retouching consists of many steps. If you don't have time to improve your photos yourself, place an online order on the Photza website.

Our team has extensive experience editing photos of clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and other different products. You can see this by viewing the portfolio on the site. In addition, we guarantee absolute anonymity thanks to reliable methods of receiving and sending photos to the customer.

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FROM $3 /photo
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How to create an order?

You simply need to follow a few easy steps to make an order on our website. Our support staff is always here to assist you and answer any queries you may have. As a result, please do not hesitate to contact us. To begin working with our website, just register and submit photographs that need to be retouched to your personal account. Following that, you should indicate the service you want. You may also provide your desires or a reference picture.

Our website accepts a large number of photographs of varying quality. As a result, don't be concerned that some of the photographs will not upload or that we will not get them. In any case, the manager will contact you when you post your images.

If you have any issues, please contact us through email at manager@photza.com, skype at photza.photo, or via the site's feedback form. You may also utilize the free picture assessment form on the website's home page, where you can upload several example images, put your queries in the comments section, and fill out your contact information. Managers will examine it, talk with retouchers if required, and provide you with a full response.

Photza Product photo editing services Reviews

Everything is great. They removed spots from the product, smoothed and cleaned the background.
Marcia Armstrong, Columbus
No one can properly retouch highlights and reflections. Photza are real magicians, they did it so professionally and correctly that now I will order product retouching only from them.
David Phelps, Baltimore
Drawing of metal and stone so skilfully can only be done in Photza. I was pleasantly surprised by the result of the work.
Joan Hunter, Arlington
We are a garments e-store and have been working with Photza for 5 years and have no desire to look for another service.
Kenneth Holt, Jersey City
For me, as a real estate agent, photo retouching is a discovery. I was advised to retouch photos by a friend of mine. Now it has become much easier for me to do my job.
Charles White, Indianapolis
I make hand made hoddies and sell them on ebay. The guys at Photza are very familiar with the requirements for ebay photography and do an amazing job. You are great.
Ann Reed, Shreveport
We have been working for a long time, I have now the maximum discount, but the price is still too high for me. But the quality of jewelry retouching is simply amazing and it is worth every cent.
Mark Willis, Plano