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We introduce a hot opportunity to let you save your money paying for photo retouching. When you place frequent and/or bulk orders on Photza you pay less. There are two types of discounts that are summed up:

  • Wholesale discount - the more photos in a single order, the less you pay per each photo, the less the final price;
  • History discount - the more orders you place over a lifetime, the less you pay. No matter how many photos are in your single order. It is a reduction in the price to be paid for orders that exceed a given level of volume over a lifetime. You are qualified for the Patronage discount starting from the 2nd order.
Wholesale discount History discount
Number of Photos per Order Discount
1-5 0%
6-10 3%
11-20 6%
21 and more 9%
Lifetime Number of Photos Discount
1-20 0%
21-40 2%
41-60 4%
61-80 6%
81 and more 7%

If you are new to Photza, only the Wholesale Discount may apply. For example, you are going to order retouching services within a MIDI tariff where the price is $9 per photo:

  • Case 1: You send 3 files for post-processing, and you will be charged 3*$9=$27 for your order. The 0% discount applies.
  • Case 2: You send 7 files for post-processing, and you will be charged 7*$9-3%=$61.11 instead of $63. The 3% discount applies and you save $1.89.

If you are an existing Photza user and you are going to place another order, the final price will be reduced by the Wholesale Discount and by the History Discount that is calculated based on your Photza history:

Final Price = Final Amount – (Wholesale Discount + History Discount)

For example, the lifetime number of retouched photos in all of your previous orders is 61. No matter how many times you placed orders and how long you have placed your last order. Regardless of the number of photos you are going to send for post-processing, the final price will be reduced by 6% additionally:

  • If your new order contains just 4 photos, the final discount is 6%=0%+6%. You are charged 4*$9-(0%+6%)=$33.84 instead of $36. You save $2.16.
  • If your new order contains 12 files, the final discount is 11%=3%+6%. You are charged 12*$9-(3%+6%)=$72.09. You save $8.91.

The more you order, the less you pay!