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Body retouching service

Midi level

Only $9 per photo
    Body retouching service includes:
  • Esthetic shaping of face and body
  • Detailed skin retouch
  • Hair-style correction
  • Retouching of make-up, nails

Maxi level

Only $15 per photo
    Body retouching service includes:
  • All Midi corrections
  • HI-END skin retouch
  • Detailed color/expo correction
  • Background replacement
  • Detailed shape correction
  • Retouch creases, and lines on clothes
Save up to 30% with special packages today
Save up to 30%
with special
packages today

Order Body Retouching from Creative Photza Experts and Enjoy the Results

Almost every photographer needs professional body retouching for their photos. Looking at perfect body shapes and sharing them online is a big pleasure for everyone. As a photographer, you may often face requests to improve something in the body. For example, about 30% of orders require enlarging body parts online, such as breasts or muscles, while 70% require the reshaping of body curves.

The in-house retouchers from Photza can cope with these challenges due to their creativity, mastery, and over 10 years of experience in this field. They do their best to obtain high-quality features of all the problematic body areas, making high-end images at affordable prices.

Our services are for professional and amateur photographers, beauty studios, fashion magazines, and individuals who want to make their bodies look perfect in the pictures.

order retouching
FROM $3 /photo
photo editing
FROM $3 /photo
photo editing
order retouching

Choosing Photza Is Beneficial

Photza is a brand-new photo editing service that provides excellent body retouching services. If you want to reshape the body, make it slimmer, remove unwanted cellulite in Photoshop, get rid of color effects, and change backgrounds, you are here to get apparently surprising results.

The unique Dodge & Burn retouching technique, professionally calibrated monitors with the IPS matrix, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and CaptureOne software help preserve the natural beauty of your body free from defects and imperfections. We make bodies slimmer and more attractive with the help of the liquefy tools. Everything we use for your benefit allows us to obtain high-quality features and improve even the most problematic body areas.

We apply physical impediments and the effect of plastic surgery to create a slim body, thin waist, and delicate facial features by removing a double chin and reducing face fat with Photoshop.

If you need people in the pictures to look more sporty, we reshape the posture, build, and height, make bigger breasts, plump lips, lift the nose and cheekbones, fix make-up, add muscles, add the stylish HDR application, and utilize dramatic filters.

Moreover, you will get the following advantages you will hardly ever find anywhere else:

  1. We are a team of the most experienced retouchers on the market.
  2. Our crew is divided into four sections, and everyone specializes in a narrow field they like most.
  3. Our Customer Support works around-the-clock with the help of cutting-edge CRM systems.
  4. We complete all the projects within 48 hours.
  5. Our website supports the RAW photo format.
  6. You can use Dropbox or your personal account to upload and download photos.
  7. All our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement to let you feel entirely safe and protected.

We are ready to show you that custom body photoshop is the best way to get the result you want.

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Professional Body Photoshop Services from Photza

Physical shaping of the body in Photoshop is performed with the help of professional retouch and edit services offered by Photza in two high-end formats - Midi level at the price of $9 per image and Maxi level at the price of $15 per image.

Among a lot of advanced solutions, we offer high-end skin retouch, body shaping, color correction, and many others. You can also opt for collages and photo merging.

How to Use Our Website

You can get a slim body of every person in the photos with a few simple steps and at an affordable price. If you have questions, ask them to your customer support representative. They will give you professional answers and remove all technical problems.

We deliver your photos ready within 48 hours. The highest quality is guaranteed. If you are satisfied with our services, you can leave feedback on the site. We want to improve our performance, so every opinion is vital for us.

If you want to know more about body retouching from Photza, contact our support managers now or place an order on our platform.

Photza Body retouching service Reviews

We created a new collection for the online store, and had a large order for photo retouching of swimsuits. The bodies turned out perfect, but not too retouched. Swimwear looks great.
Tiffany Goodwin, St. Louis
I will definitely be ordering more. Just started working, and the quality suprised me.
Jacob Fitzgerald, Grand Rapids
I really liked the support and my personal manager Maria. We have been working for almost half a year and it seems to me that Maria is now my friend.
Michael Lang, Omaha
My photos have become so beautiful that I can't stop admiring them. Wait for a new order from me.
Ernest Byrd, Chicago