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Photo retouching services:


Photo retouching services:

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MAXI $15
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$15 / Picture
White balance correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencesuccesssuccesssuccess
Detailed color/expo correctionnonosuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Background replacementnonosuccess
Clipping pathnosuccesssuccess
Horizon alignmentsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light shape correction (general)nosuccesssuccess
Detailed shape correctionnosuccesssuccess
Esthetic shaping of face and figurenosuccesssuccess
Light skin retouch (pimples, spots)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
Light retouch of make-up, nailsnosuccesssuccess
Colorcorrection: preserving of the real product colorsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light shape correction (general)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed shape correctionnonosuccess
Fitting clothes to figurenosuccesssuccess
Retouch of creases, linesnonosuccess
shortening/lengthening of the productnonosuccess
cropping and saving under the given sizessuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Background replacementnonosuccess
Clipping pathnosuccesssuccess
Horizon alignmentsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light skin retouch (pimples, spots)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
HI-END skin retouchnonosuccess
Retouch of make-up, nailsnosuccesssuccess
Retailed retouch and drawing of make-upnonosuccess
Teeth: whitening, shape correctionnosuccesssuccess
Hair-style correctionnosuccesssuccess
Drawing and adding volume to hairnonosuccess
Clipping pathsuccesssuccesssuccess
Invisible mannequinsuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundsuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning of the objectssuccesssuccesssuccess
Adding missing parts of an objectnosuccesssuccess
Retouch of glares and shadowssuccesssuccesssuccess
Photo merging, collagesnonosuccess
White balance correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencesuccesssuccesssuccess
Photo merging, collagesnonosuccess
Retouch of glares and shadowsnosuccesssuccess
Adding missing parts of an objectnosuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Cleaning of the objectsnosuccesssuccess
White balance correction nosuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionnosuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencenosuccesssuccess
Detailed color/expo correctionnosuccesssuccess
Photo restoration, colorizationnonosuccess
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This service may fit you when you need basic adjustments: cropping, correcting color and exposure, and basic skin cleaning (removing redness). Mini is good to save your time and money. Choose this service set if you have multiple photos of the same type: the same location, the same scene, the same light conditions or the same surroundings. Also, this service is good if you are an amateur or a beginner in Street Photography, Travel Photography, and Architecture Photography.


This set includes Mini's options plus Toning, making Beauty face, Teeth Correction, fixing closed eyes and more. Order this service set if you need deeper portrait retouching, creating look books, editing group shots and creating eye-catching pictures for blogs, Instagram and Pinterest.


All-inclusive service set for deepest editing and retouching photo works. It includes all options from Mini and Midi and supplemented by liquifying and rejuvenating effect, removing/adding persons and objects, changing background drastically, changing the object's color and texture. This service set is highly in-demand in fashion photography, product photography, architecture and interior photography, abstract photography, commercial photography, food photography, and fine art photography.

Sooner or later, you will encounter the need to hire a professional photo retoucher even if your photo business is flourishing and the price for photo editing can be extremely high.

Another question is where to look for a well-qualified retoucher, especially if you want to find one on the outsource. You can look for them on popular freelance platforms, such as Upwork. However, photo retouching prices here can be 30% higher because of the freelance platform commission. And you can never be sure that the quality of work done will correspond to your expectations because many freelancers, unfortunately, produce services of truly inappropriate quality.

Or you can find a retoucher directly and photo retouching rates will be a bit lower in this case. Though, once again, you are not guaranteed against poor quality and missing the deadlines.

That is why you had better opt for PhotoRetouchingServices.net as a reliable and reputable online contractor. You do not need to worry about either photo retoucher rates, because they are quite affordable, or the work quality. We are a team of expert retouchers who treat their job seriously. We have more than 20 people in our staff so we never allow for missing the deadlines. Even if someone in our staff has got ill, other professionals will substitute for them. Therefore, your work will be delivered on time and in the best quality.

We also offer packet/batch retouching and editing at $0.35 rates per image. You can make a specifically paid order as well but beforehand you will have to consult our customer support manager.

You can see how easy it is to save some costs and obtain a high-quality retouching service. Contact us now.

Our Low Photo Retouching Prices

Let’s have a deeper look at our services and pricing approaches. We can offer you the most affordable rates due to our effective resource management policy.

MINI Service

You will pay just $3 per photo for the minimal editing services, such as correction of light, colour or exposure. This service will save your paid costs and time if you have a lot of similar photos taken in one location with the same settings and people. You can easily use this option if you are an amateur photographer.

MIDI Service

The competitive price of $9 per image is established for the minimal retouching performance plus making a beauty face with make-up, teeth and complexion correction. You may need this option when you want to improve portraits, create lookbooks or make perfect pictures for blogs and social media.

MAXI Service

The set price for photo editing here is $15 per image. The service is relatively cheap because it includes all the options from MINI and MIDI packets plus face, body, age, clothing and background corrections. You can also order the restoration of old pictures here. If your specialization is fashion or fine art photography, this service is right for you.

Affiliate Programme

We offer discounts and the most favourable photo retouching rates in our price list if your colleague or customer wants to use our services. We are open and always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. You will receive an attractive perk for every new customer you will bring to us.

If you want to learn more about our terms and conditions, please, contact our manager.

You can also see many samples of retouching work on our website.

For the preliminary evaluation of our photo retouching prices, use our form entitled ‘Free Photo Evaluation’. You can find it on our main page.

What We Offer: Our Services

PhotoRetouchingServices.net has the best team of photo editors and retouchers on the market. We have divided our staff into specialized teams working with different types of services. That is why you can place your order in full confidence that you will receive the best outsource service at the most competitive photo retouching prices.

Here are the types of services we provide our clients from all over the world with.

Wedding Photo Editing

The best quality of this service is possible because of the long-term expertise of our retouchers. They know how to improve the photos and what to focus on. They can remove all the imperfections in newlyweds’ faces and clothing, create the best foreground and background and make the photos completely perfect. Our clients are always proud of their images because they demonstrate our individual approach to every detail.

We offer wedding photo processing at the following photo retoucher rates:

Retouching of Portraits

We employ the retouchers with the largest experience for this service. You will be delighted with the highest quality of your retouched portraits which will match perfectly all your digital needs and uses - from professional powerful gadgets to simple graphic tablets.

Art Retouching and Manipulating

We perform art retouching in combination with photo manipulating of different types priced at an hourly rate or per image. The focus of your images will remain unchanged but we successfully eliminate the unnecessary details, random objects, backgrounds or people and make the photo composition fully ideal. We can also add something new to the photo to make it more vivid and impressive. Our photo retouching prices for this kind of service are quite affordable as well. They range from $9 to $15 due to the purpose of editing.

If needed, we apply photo manipulation for combining different parts of images. You can obtain a completely new image with a meaningful idea. It is not just gluing some pieces together. Our experts process every fragment of image to receive an entire masterpiece you will be happy to obtain.

Photo Editing for Product Images

This type of photo editing is common for marketing campaigns, online store promotions and restaurant advertisements. Our retouchers remove every flaw, replace backgrounds, add watermarks, do cropping and colour correction and adjust shadows. We can do all these things for your footwear and clothing, foods, jewellery, interiors and real estate, autos and whatnot. You will pay a lot more according to freelance photo editing rates because these services are not cheap at all, so be sure that you will save considerably with us.

Batch Processing of Photos

This service is quite beneficial if you need to process big amounts of photos taken at one shooting session. Our retouchers will improve everything you need at an hourly rate according to your requirements or at the photo retouching prices of $0.3 per image. Consult our support manager to choose the most favourable variant in accordance with your requirements and preferences.

Get a Lot of Benefits at Much Lower Prices Than Common Freelance Photo Editing Rates

Freelance services for photo retouching and editing are rather expensive. Do not worry. PhotoRetouchingServices.net offers you competitive rates per image and affordable batch processing prices.

We offer a lot more perks and benefits to our clients around the world due to our well-established reputation and the best retouching professionals in this field. The most important advantages we can provide are the following:

All photographers know very well how much time post-processing can take. You can spend up to eight hours additionally per every one-hour shooting session. We will help you save your time and effort.

Our low price for photo editing which, at the same time, ensures very good quality is sure to maintain your professional reputation and boost your profits.

Our expert retouchers will make the whole process much faster. You will receive your photos edited within 48 hours since you have placed the order. That will free your time for new shooting sessions and leave your clients satisfied and happy.

Our online company provides photo retouching and editing services of any kind. Therefore, even if you haven’t found the service you need in our price list, you can opt for individual photo processing for additional pricing. You can use the form on our main page to place your individual order and our support team representative will call you within 15-20 minutes to discuss the details and amount of work to be done.

Moreover, if you have some questions or considerations, you can also contact your personal manager either by email, via LiveChat or Skype to share your doubts and receive the answers you need.

We care about our reputation and good relationships with our clients. That is why we process all the photos exactly in accordance with all your requirements, meeting all the deadlines and at affordable and competitive photo retouching prices.

We are happy to become a part of your creative process. Contact us now or place an order on our website.