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Real estate photo editing services:

Mini level

Only $3 per photo
    Real estate photo editing services includes:
  • Colors and exposure correction
  • White balance correction
  • Horizon alignment
  • Cropping and saving under the given sizes

Midi level

Only $9 per photo
    Real estate photo editing services includes:
  • All Mini corrections
  • Toning according to a reference
  • Cleaning, extending the background
  • Clipping path
  • Adding missing parts of an object
  • Cleaning of the objects

Maxi level

Only $15 per photo
    Real estate photo editing services includes:
  • All Midi corrections
  • Detailed color/expo correction
  • Background replacement
  • Photo merging, collages
Save up to 30% with special packages today
Save up to 30%
with special
packages today

We are Photza, a photo retouching studio, offering real estate photo editing services to our clients. We provide our customers with one of the best real estate photo editing. The cost for real estate photo retouching is $3, $9, and $15 per photo. This is the most reasonable and affordable price on the market for real estate image retouching. The cost is directly related to the difficulty of the task.

Our team consists of skilled in-house retouchers with over 10 years of experience. Our studio uses only professional calibrated IPS monitors. Studio retouchers work with the following digital tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and CaptureOne.

The essence of architectural and interior photography

Architectural and interior photography is a separate and rather specific genre, the task of which is to reflect the beauty and originality of buildings, their individual elements, interior decoration, and also involves shooting various engineering structures and small architectural forms, for example, bridges, fountains, gazebos, etc.

Shooting objects can be small, or they can amaze with their scale and impressive size. To capture them and at the same time move away from the usual clichés, create an original photograph, a task that a true professional can do.

The task of architectural photography is to convey the dimensions and features of the building, environment, and style. Often, the survey data is used by companies from the USA who are planning the construction of new buildings. Real estate agents also use architectural shooting to sell real estate.

The task of interior photography is to convey the features of the layout, design, and aesthetic organization of the room's interior space. It is often used for advertising, but, nevertheless, not always. Often, interior photography is used in their work by organizations working in furniture production, interior design, and the service sector to demonstrate to clients the benefits of certain premises. In addition to the room's design, like furniture, it would not be bad to fit a door into it.

Get great and fast real estate photo editing service at Photza studio

Real estate photo editing outsourcing is very popular nowadays. Photza provides expert real estate image retouching services. To create excellent real estate photographs, we eliminate distracting features, sharpen the image, and straighten vertical/horizontal lines. Our creative team creates bright and sharp photographs by controlling the white balance of the photos.

Real estate photographs include a lot of distracting items in the frame that our skilled retouchers swiftly remove to improve overall image clarity. We tweak the alignment, mix several photographs, and fix the lighting throughout the retouching process. As a result, you will get amazing, clean, and symmetrical images as a final result.

Our retouchers adhere to every detail of your specifications and strive to enhance the overall quality of your photograph. We ensure that your photographs are top-notch and have a professional finish by emphasizing light, tone, and perspective. If you want to outsource real estate photo retouching and get speedy delivery, please contact us as soon as possible.

What real estate photo retouching services do we provide?

Depending on the nature of the image, our retouchers will undertake a variety of enhancements such as fixing lens distortion, eliminating blemishes, and stacking lighting. We take care of everything you need to make your photographs more appealing to visitors.

Real estate photo editing services we offer:

We complete all work on time and according to your requirements. The most important thing for us is that our client is satisfied with the end result. Therefore, we will retouch your property as much as necessary.

You don't have to be concerned about the privacy of your photographs. Without your permission, we will not use your photos, for example, for advertising or portfolios. However, we will be happy to share beautiful photos after the work is completed.

Why do you need real estate image retouching services?

Many people cannot, for example, sell their property for months. They think that it might be wrong because their apartment/house is in excellent condition and attractive. The problem is that many do not think about the fact that whatever the apartment/house would be, it will be difficult to sell it with bad and low-quality photographs.

Future buyers see your property for the first time on a specialized site. They will definitely scroll through a real estate ad in which photos are not of high quality, not bright, and incorrectly retouched. Buyers will pay attention to photos with beautiful light, highlights, and a beautiful sky above the house.

At Photza studio, we offer high-quality real estate photo retouching services for real estate agents. If real estate agents take over the entire process of selling a property, they should ensure that the photos of this property are of the highest quality.

Why should you choose Photza for real estate photo editing?

Real estate photo retouching consists of many steps. If you don't have time to improve your photos yourself, place an online order on the Photza website.

Our team has extensive experience creating ordinary photos of real estate into a masterpiece. You can see this by viewing the portfolio on the site. In addition, we guarantee absolute anonymity thanks to reliable methods of receiving and sending photos to the customer.

For us, the most important thing is the wish of our client. We take into account all the customers' ideas and do our best to turn them into reality. We are happy when our clients are satisfied with the result.

How to create an order?

Making an order is simple. If you have any queries or issues, our management will respond quickly. To place an order online, just register and upload your images to your own account. Then choose a service and add your requests. You may submit a retouched picture as a reference if needed.

Large pictures, including RAW photographs, may be multi-threaded on the site. The server supports massive data transfers, so don't worry about sending or downloading edited photographs.

Do not worry about the safety of personal data and photos. All our employees sign an agreement on non-disclosure of confidential customers’ information; we strictly monitor its implementation. Photos uploaded to the server are not published anywhere without the permission of the owner.

If you have any questions, please email us at manager@photza.com, or skype, our ID – photza.photo, or through the feedback form on the site. You can also use the form of free photo evaluation on the main page of the website; here you can upload some sample photos, write your questions as the comments and fill out the contact information. Managers will analyze it, if necessary consult with the retouchers, and give you a detailed answer.