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Photo retouching services:

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White balance correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencesuccesssuccesssuccess
Detailed color/expo correctionnonosuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Background replacementnonosuccess
Clipping pathnosuccesssuccess
Horizon alignmentsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light shape correction (general)nosuccesssuccess
Detailed shape correctionnosuccesssuccess
Esthetic shaping of face and figurenosuccesssuccess
Light skin retouch (pimples, spots)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
Light retouch of make-up, nailsnosuccesssuccess
Colorcorrection: preserving of the real product colorsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light shape correction (general)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed shape correctionnonosuccess
Fitting clothes to figurenosuccesssuccess
Retouch of creases, linesnonosuccess
shortening/lengthening of the productnonosuccess
cropping and saving under the given sizessuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Background replacementnonosuccess
Clipping pathnosuccesssuccess
Horizon alignmentsuccesssuccesssuccess
Light skin retouch (pimples, spots)successsuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
Detailed skin retouchnosuccesssuccess
HI-END skin retouchnonosuccess
Retouch of make-up, nailsnosuccesssuccess
Retailed retouch and drawing of make-upnonosuccess
Teeth: whitening, shape correctionnosuccesssuccess
Hair-style correctionnosuccesssuccess
Drawing and adding volume to hairnonosuccess
Clipping pathsuccesssuccesssuccess
Invisible mannequinsuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundsuccesssuccesssuccess
Cleaning of the objectssuccesssuccesssuccess
Adding missing parts of an objectnosuccesssuccess
Retouch of glares and shadowssuccesssuccesssuccess
Photo merging, collagesnonosuccess
White balance correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionsuccesssuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencesuccesssuccesssuccess
Photo merging, collagesnonosuccess
Retouch of glares and shadowsnosuccesssuccess
Adding missing parts of an objectnosuccesssuccess
Cleaning, extending of the backgroundnosuccesssuccess
Cleaning of the objectsnosuccesssuccess
White balance correction nosuccesssuccess
Exposure correctionnosuccesssuccess
Toning according to a referencenosuccesssuccess
Detailed color/expo correctionnosuccesssuccess
Photo restoration, colorizationnonosuccess
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This service may fit you when you need basic adjustments: cropping, correcting color and exposure, and basic skin cleaning (removing redness). Mini is good to save your time and money. Choose this service set if you have multiple photos of the same type: the same location, the same scene, the same light conditions or the same surroundings. Also, this service is good if you are an amateur or a beginner in Street Photography, Travel Photography, and Architecture Photography.


This set includes Mini's options plus Toning, making Beauty face, Teeth Correction, fixing closed eyes and more. Order this service set if you need deeper portrait retouching, creating look books, editing group shots and creating eye-catching pictures for blogs, Instagram and Pinterest.


All-inclusive service set for deepest editing and retouching photo works. It includes all options from Mini and Midi and supplemented by liquifying and rejuvenating effect, removing/adding persons and objects, changing background drastically, changing the object's color and texture. This service set is highly in-demand in fashion photography, product photography, architecture and interior photography, abstract photography, commercial photography, food photography, and fine art photography.

It does not matter whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, an individual or a company, sooner or later you will encounter a problem of old photo restoration. It is one of the most challenging jobs and you will need some fixthephoto service to help you.

Whether you like it or not, some old photos were taken at the time when there was only analog photography available and to transfer these images to a digital format now is rather difficult. Moreover, a lot of old photos were spoiled and corrupted over time. Or your children made their best to correct them with their felt-tip pens or pencils. The damage may seem bad but no worries.

You need a professional photo retouching and editing company that can work magic for you. And you have already arrived at the right destination and found the expert service you need. PhotoRetouching Services.net is exactly what you would like to have now. We can do all kinds of fixthephoto services for you - put back the missing legs and arms, remove stains and cracks, recover colours and tones, and many other things.

We can restore either paper-printed or digital photos for an affordable price. However, the badly damaged photos taken in bad quality, in bad lighting and with wrong dimensions can be a problem we will not be able to cope with. In any case, show us your photos and we will advise you what to do. Our professional team never missed the aim so you will always be on the safe side.

You will save costs and get the most high-quality photo restoration services you could ever expect. Research our website and contact us now.

What About the Company: A Story That Impresses

Everything started in 2015 when two students - Emma and Noah met and decided to take up photo processing. They started their business and became the founders of the amazing Photza studio which dealt with photo retouching and fixthephoto services. It became a prominent one and well-known in the market.It acquired its other name of PhotoRetouchingServices in 2018 and since then it has obtained a lot of grateful clients from any part of the globe.

Nowadays, it is a team of professionals we are proud of. They admire their work and it has brought excellent results. We are well-appreciated and known all over the world. We treat our job seriously and never miss deadlines. Your order will be delivered timely and in the best quality.

We have over 20 people in our staff and they are divided into mini-teams for special purposes. Photo restoration is not an easy job and there is a part of our company that specializes in it. They are constantly improving their skills and attend webinars, courses and workshops getting more and more experience and inspiration.

Sign Up and Fix the Photo with the Best Quality

You may be interested in how to reach us and use our fixthephoto service. It is very easy if you have already found this website. You can see that it is quite easy to navigate.

First, you need to sign up and create your account. You will not have to provide much personal information, just your full name, email address, and phone number for better communication. You also need to create a password to enter your account any time.

Then, upload your photos to the website. We can work with RAW files, via invoices, dropbox, Google Disc or other cloud services. After that, you just add the comments, instructions or requirements we need to follow to fix the photo.You may also need to upload some examples of how you prefer your restored photos to look like. You have to pick the right service for your image because you may want to use some retouching services as well.

Our customer support manager will contact you immediately after you have placed an order and paid for it. You may find the approximate rates for your photo restoration on the site. If you have some questions, our representative will willingly answer them.

The most often asked question is about the time of turnover. PhotoRetouchingServices (Photza) will never offer you anything that cannot be carried out so our average time for photo restoration is 48 hours. Though, you can receive your ready images earlier. It depends on the quality of the photo you want to have restored.

The prices can also differ from the standard ones indicated on the site ($5, $10 or $15 per image) depending on the amount of work needed. So, you can discuss it with the support manager as well.

We do all the retouching and fixthephoto manipulations by hand without using automated scripts and that also accounts for very good results.

Anyway, you will receive your photos in the best possible quality and will be satisfied with the results. We respect our clients and treat them individually so we will become true friends and you will be returning to us again and again.

Use Any Service the Company Provides

PhotoRetouchingServices.net is a creative team of professionals so we prefer to take up any challenging jobs and cope with them with flying colours. Fixthephoto services is such a job and we like it very much. Our experts will fix the faces that have faded, remove traces of damage by humidity, dirt or pencil, restore colours and tones and do many other things.

We will help you to preserve your dearest memories doing the following:

You will get your photo back in the best quality ever and enjoy it for many years.

PhotoRetouchingServices.net also provides other photo retouching and editing services for professional and amateur photographers, individuals and companies from all over the world. They are:

To learn more about all these services or other options, contact us now.

Prices and Discounts

We provide you with different pricing approaches depending on the quality of the original image and your requirements. Photoretouchingservices.net has developed a flexible system of service and discounts to offer you if you want to fix the photo. They include:

We also offer discounts and the favorable prices for photo editing for those who recommend us to their friends and colleagues. You will receive a great perk for every new user you will bring to us.

The discount programme also works for those customers who are returning to us. We are open-minded and always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer substantial discounts for processing numerous photos as well.

You can use the preliminary photo evaluation option on our site by clicking the form entitled ‘Free Photo Evaluation’. It is located on our main page.

To learn more about our perks and bonuses, contact us now.

Why Choose PhotoretouchingServices.net to Fix the Photo

PhotoRetouchingServices.net offers you competitive rates, a lot of benefits and the best quality. Let us consider the most important advantages:

We will be happy to provide you with the best and most convenient fixthephoto services you can ever find on the Net.

For the Conclusion

We are always happy to become a part of your creative process, to help you keep your dearest memories for long years and to satisfy your fixthephoto needs to the fullest.

PhotoRetouchingServices.net provides photo editing services of any kind. So, even if you cannot find the service you need in our price list, contact our representatives via LiveChat or Skype and they will answer all your questions.

We process all the photos at affordable prices by strictly following all the requirements. So, if you need to fix the photo or any other photo retouching and editing service, apply at any time. We will be happy to help you.